I started Little BIG Adventures as a travel blog in September 2015 with an intention of documenting my upcoming 5 month trip to South America. It was my first long-term trip abroad and I had left my job in an architectural practice (with an intention to return to it after the trip – if they would be happy to take me back!). To say, I was nervous and excited at the same time, would be an understatement.

I returned home by the end of January 2016, with lots of stories to tell (most of those can be found here) and jumped right back into my old life with a happy satisfaction of being back to normal. Several months of travelling had worn me out.

I went on about my days exactly as I used to pre-trip – working 9 to 5 – loving my job, but occasionally getting stressed out and tired, looking forward to the weekends, sporadically spending time with my friends.

Within few months I realised, I wasn’t particularly happy. I should have been – I just got accepted in university (which is something I wanted for years, but could not get round to it), my job was going great, I had a great circle of friends (if I could only manage to see them more often, what with everyone’s work and commitments). Something was bothering me. I had this nagging feeling in my head that something was missing in my life. It just didn’t satisfy me any more. I started questioning my lifestyle and if I was doing enough to get the most out of the limited time I have on the Earth (yes, I know, very dramatic, but true).

After my time in South America, I knew I wanted to keep travelling and seeing new places. But I also knew that I could never be the kind of person who would drop everything and go off for years (although, I did consider that for a while), trying to find myself and what not (it seems to be in fashion these days). I loved my job, I had worked hard to get where I was. But I also wanted more freedom to do things I love and explore new horizons.

After a lot of overthinking,  I have come to conclusion that I want to do more, be more and push myself by trying to find new ways to add more meaning and interest to my life without dramatic ‘all or nothing changes’ – it does not have to be limited only to travelling, but it could be educating myself beyond what might be required by my work or university, participating in an inspiring event, meeting new people, pushing myself out of my comfort zone etc.

I will be documenting my journey to a more meaningful life* here and I hope that along the way I might inspire someone like me – slightly confused and questioning ‘is there more to life’ individual.

If this sounds like you, high five and welcome to Little BIG Adventures!

Sam x


*Please, remember that everyone’s perception of a ‘meaningful life’ is different – for someone it can be saving the world and doing something for the greater good, for someone else it can be living in harmony with themselves. Be mindful, that above all, this is my personal journey.